EkoFin Programs for international groups

EkoFin Programs for both students and professionals are based on the unique strengths of Finnish education system and society. Programs are developed and implemented by the foremost specialists of Finnish education field. Programs take place in authentic contexts of Finnish society and immerse you in Finnish culture.

EkoFin programs combine science, sports, arts and cultural immersion to nature experiments and environmental education. We offer easy to buy and all inclusive packages. For our Chinese customers we offer Chinese speaking local guide, who is responsible of group guidance and interpreting during the trip.

Pedagogical goals

Our activities and programs are very hands-on and practical, and designed to suit children of different ages (from 8 to 16), taking into account the group’s wishes. The overall pedagogical goal of our curriculum is to strengthen the children’s English language skills, develop teamwork skills and stimulate creativity and problem solving skills. EkoFin programs are based on the trust/belief for each individuals inner potential that needs to be encouraged. Daily programs include many principles which give responsibility for students to take action.

Elements of Cultural Immersion

We combine to our programs special elements to immerse Finnish culture. For example Home visits, school visits, lake side sauna experience, meals by the campfire or snowshoeing in winter time. We start our camps by nature trip, as nature and especially Forest is so important part of Finnish culture.

Summer 2019 Camps:

  • Environmental education camp
  • Art&Design camp
  • Adventure camp
  • Family Sport&Culture camp

Among these we produce tailored programs for our Partners.

Contact us: info (a) and ask for program options!

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